List Of Tourist Attraction Sites In Northern Region Of Ghana

By | February 24, 2022

In all of Ghana’s ten administrative regions, this is by far the largest. As a result, it has more tourist attractions than the majority of the other regions. The Northern area, which is rich in culture and tradition, is ideally located among the country’s most beautiful places. Tourists can enjoy themselves at any of the unique attraction locations, which include the Mole National Park, Laribanga Mosque, Mognori Eco-village, and others.

Mole National Park

The largest wildlife sanctuary in Ghana is Mole National Park. The park is located in northwest Ghana, at a height of 150 meters, on grassland savanna and riparian ecosystems, with a high escarpment constituting the park’s southern boundary. The park’s entrance is located at Larabanga, a local town. During the lengthy dry season, the Lovi and Mole Rivers are ephemeral rivers that run through the park, leaving only watering holes behind. This part of Ghana receives over 1000 mm of rain every year. Mole National Park has been the subject of a long-term study to determine the influence of human hunters on the park’s wildlife.

Laribanga Mosque

The Larabanga Mosque is a mosque in Larabanga, Ghana, designed in the Sudanese architectural style. It is the country’s oldest mosque, as well as one of the oldest in West Africa, and has been dubbed “West Africa’s Mecca.” Since its foundation in 1421, it has been restored multiple times. It is listed as one of the 100 Most Endangered Sites by the World Monuments Fund, which has helped significantly to its repair. The repair operation has resurrected mud-plaster maintenance knowledge. The mosque houses an antique Quran, which locals believe was handed to Yidan Barimah Bramah, the Imam at the time, as a gift from heaven in 1650 as a consequence of his prayers. The mosque, which is made of mud and reeds, includes two large pyramidal towers, one for the mihrab and the other for the minaret.

Larabanga Mosque in the north of Ghana, built in the Sudanese architectural style. 2018.

Mognori Eco-Village

The Mognori Eco-village, located near Mole National Park, is known for its colorful culture and customs. In this village, you may go on exciting canoe excursions to see animals such as crocodiles, monkeys, and birds. You can also take a tour of the village to learn about the people’s history and traditional medicines. In this village, you will also be entertained by dances and drumming.

Nalerigu Slave Defence Wall

This wall was built in the 16th century to deter slave dealers from capturing and selling the residents of this community as slaves in European countries. Despite the fact that most of the wall is now in ruins, it can still be recognized for what it once was.

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